Mentor/Mentee Retreat

One of the most significant benefits of being a part of LAS is all the Sophomores adopt a Freshman and become their mentor. One of the first weekend of the semester, all the Freshman and Sophomores in LAS take a weekend trip to Eagle Village to get to know their mentors/mentees as well as their fellow Leader Advancement Scholars. I had the pleasure of being paired with James

James and Kyle eagle village

James and I on the high ropes course.

James and Kyle

Messing around in the cafeteria. 

Barber. James and I were already friends prior to him being my mentor but our relationship soon became much stronger. The retreat gives all the new members the opportunity to bond with their mentors, as well as all the fellow LAS members. Prior to the retreat I had heard bits about what to expect but it didn’t quite prepare me. However, it didn’t take me long to realize how much fun and how great of an experience the retreat was going to be.

At the retreat we participated in numerous team building activities, primarily with our mentors, including wall climbing, a high ropes course, as well as multiple blindfolded exercises. These activities proved to be a great way to strengthen our bonds with our mentors, help us get to know other members of LAS, and improve our leadership skills. Throughout the retreat our Leadership guides emphasized an inclusive environment and communication and how essential they are to be an effective leader.

For example, every mentor-mentee combo took part in the high ropes course. The high ropes included a ton of obstacles varying in difficulty. Additionally, the Eagle Village guide provided potential ways to make the obstacles more difficult to assure everyone was challenged. For some this was just getting up on the course; for others this meant taking on some obstacles blindfolded. No matter what difficulty you went with you were guaranteed to step out of, and expand, your comfort zone as well as bond with your mentor. Here is a video of my experiences at Eagle Village made by my classmate Riley Bussell!

Being able to participate in these exercises and hearing our guide connect them back to being an effective leader really strengthened my leadership ability. Having the opportunity to attend the Eagle Village retreat helped for me to grow as a person, a leader, and develop a bond with my fellow LASers


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