President Ross

During one class period of our LDR100 course we had the privilege of listening to Central Michigan President, George E. Ross speak. He discussed his tough and inspiring upbringing, his educational and work careers, as well as what Central Michigan is doing for us. To hear firsthand from the President, what Central is doing to help us succeed as well compete with other schools was encouraging.

He also emphasized leadership and how essential it is. He didn’t fail to remind us that “CMU graduates leaders” and we are some of those leaders on campus. For President Ross to come in to speak to us spoke volumes. Not only taking the time to discuss the ins-and-outs of what Central is doing for us but answering our questions. For me, I feel that having the ability to answer our questions was more reassuring than any speech he could have given. Anyone can give a rehearsed speech about how great their school is but to answer the questions about why, and explain what Central does for us was interesting. President Ross provides us a prime example of the exact type of ethical leader that CMU emphasizes and ultimately, graduates.


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