All About Kyle

Hi, my name is Kyle Helfrich and I am currently attending Central Michigan University pursuing a degree in Secondary Education as a Mathematics major while double minoring in Physical Education and Leadership. I grew in the small town of St. Charles where I attended at St. Charles High School. Sports have always been a huge part of my life. I played football, baseball, and basketball all throughout high school and middle school and continue to play causally. I hope to someday be a high school Math teacher and a football coach.

I’m a diehard Ohio State fan (despite being about the only one) and am a fan of any team in Detroit. If I were to describe myself in 3 words they would have to be competitive, outgoing, and ambitious. I’m extremely family-oriented and love doing anything with my friends. No matter what I’m doing, if I’m active and with people, I’ll be laughing and having a good time. I hope that this page allows you to get a feel for who I am. Any questions or concerns feel free to e-mail me ( or reach out to me on social media (@khelfrich23 for Instagram and Twitter).


2 thoughts on “All About Kyle

  1. The teaching profession is a wonderful way to help others on their K-12 journey find their success. You will be a great positive caring addition to any school. Your vision, goals and passion for becoming a teacher are spot on! Go get your dream Kyle, you won’t regret it.
    I am very proud of you!!!

    Success and love……….Aunt Pat
    A CMU Chip and Retired Teacher


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