Leadership Safari

During my first week on Central Michigan’s campus I had the privilege of participating in Leadership Safari. Leadership Safari is an opportunity for 2,000 incoming freshman and transfer students to move onto campus a week early and go through daily activities that emphasized leadership, involvement, and developing relationships with our fellow Chippewas.Having the privilege to listen to all the different speakers, participate in all the activities, and just get to know all the new people made it the perfect way to begin my college experience.

Prior to Leadership Safari when I talked to students that had gone through it already and asked them about their experience their responses were always similar: it’s all about attitude. Despite these conversations I still had no idea what to expect. This resulted in a myriad of nerves and excitement.

Leadership Safari was an experience different than any I’ve ever had. The constant energy and optimism made it such an unforgettable one. Having the privilege of listening to all the speakers (including Eric Thomas, The Asia Project, David Coleman, Michael Miller, as well as a few others) varied from humbling to motivating. Despite the varying effects of these speakers the impact was always positive. Pairing this with the enlightening and flat-out fun activities is what makes Safari so special.

leadership safari

One of the most symbolic pictures of Safari: everybody working together to represent Central. 

My experience during Safari was far from what I imagined. I stepped out of my comfort zone more than I ever expected to and am glad I did. This allowed me to get the full experience from Safari and learn a ton. One example was the Fairness Lunch (which you can learn more about here). When I returned to my group with my pink bag with nothing more than some crackers I was confused to say the least. Then, as I began to see other members of my group with more food this confusion only grew. Why is my bag empty? What am I going to eat? Although, I was confused and worried at first my group soon assured me and shared their food as we all ate enough. Even though I ate more than enough, thanks to my kind group members, it was such an eyeopening experience about how fortunate I really am and the everyday struggles others experience.

Being more knowledgeable about all these topics allows me to be a much more efficient leader and overall considerate person. The speakers and activities at Safari taught me about how crucial it is to be considerate as well as the importance of stepping up to do what’s right even when it’s outside your comfort zone. Additionally, it helped for me to develop relationships with my fellow Chippewas. Overall, the Leadership Safari was a great experience and helped for me to grow as a person and transition to college.