My involvements throughout my entire life, especially my high school career and my first semester of college, and given me a ton of experience. This experience has helped guide me to where I am today and helped me to become a more efficient leader. Throughout my life the involvements that have given me the most experience include sports, volunteering, and participating in student organizations.

One of the biggest factors to help me become who I am today has been sports. I participated in football, baseball, and basketball so I was a year round athlete my entire high school career. This is where I truly learned how to be a leader and where my most intense leadership experience comes from. For example, being a captain of the football took the most commitment and required leadership inside, and outside, the lines. Holding others accountable for their efforts towards the team, and their schoolwork, helped me gain valuable experience about how to appeal to all different types of personalities. Additionally, tutoring teammates during all three of these sports gave me some experience teaching and is a large reason why I am going into teaching.


I was able to participate in Read Across America my Senior year.

On top of sports, volunteering has been an awesome way for me gain experience.  Volunteering has given me experience in a myriad of different experiences. An example of volunteer work that has given me a ton of experience is the Special Olympics. I have had the privilege of participating in the Spring and Winter games multiple times each, as well as helping with Project Unify. The experience I gained from the Special Olympics is unmeasurable. Furthermore, I have gained priceless experience from other volunteering opportunities including Read Across America (pictured left), Spring into Service, Beautification day, Cradle Beach Camp, as well as many others. Volunteering has given me endless amounts of experience and has truly taught me the meaning of servant leadership.

A third source of my experience is my participation in student organizations. During high school I had the honor of being the Vice President of my class my senior year, a representative on Student Council, a Treasurer on the National Honor Society, as well as a Link Crew group leader. Being able to represent my class, and even the school, in Class and Student Council was a different type of leadership than I normally exercise. Participating in these student organizations gave me experience acting as a representative for a large group. Being the voice for a large group was new to me and gave me a different angle to look at than I ever did. Additionally, being a part of the National Honor Society provided many opportunities to grow as a leader. This included primarily volunteering opportunities and fundraising. Furthermore, Link Crew was also an awesome experience. During Link Crew another student and I were responsible for assisting inoming freshman with their transition to high school. This was a little more familiar to me as I mostly assisted them with the basics of high school and their school work occasionally. Helping these students taught me a valuable lesson about not biting off more than I could chew. My senior year I was so involved that my responsibility as a Link Crew leader was often put on the back burner which wasn’t fair to the students I was helping. This experience taught me not to take on too much work which has been a valuable lesson for me and my transition to college.

Sports, volunteering, and the student organizations I have been involved in have been a great source of experience for me throughout my life. This experience has taught me to be the leader I am and continues to teach me everyday. I continue to chase after opportunities that provide me more experience and help me to be the bester person, and leader, I can be.