Being a student-athelete almost all my life, goals have always been a part of my life but I often try to avoid focusing on goals and focus on effort instead. Too many times I have found myself aiming for goals and getting discouraged for chasing a goal that is unrealistic or found myself coasting for a goal that is too easy. It happens all the time: aiming for an undefeated season and losing one game so the entire season falls apart, aiming for an A in a class so doing the bare minimum needed, and the list goes on and on.

What I have found that I prefer over setting definitive goals, is focusing on the effort I put in day in and day out. Although goals are extremely useful and can help push people I have found that when I focus on giving it my best effort the results are far better, and more consistent.

Although goals aren’t my main focus, they’re still a driving force behind what I do. My largest and most important professional goal is to become a high school math teacher. Being a teacher and a positive influence is something that I’ve always been passionate about. Read more about why here.¬†Another goal of mine is to become a head varsity football coach. After playing for seven years being a coach is something I’ve always wanted to.

Additionally, I have many goals for my time here at Central Michigan university. First of all, my goal is to achieve a grade point average above 3.7 while earning a degree in secondary education as a math major. Additionally, I want to become more involved on campus. As I continue to adjust to college more and more, I hope to join more student organizations and make my voice heard. Finally, a more fun goal of mine is to win an intramural championship. Being as competitive as I am I’d like to get one before I graduate (plus the shirts are pretty cool too).

As I continue to develop and progress during college my goals change as well. However, these are the ultimate goals for me during my time at Central. As I continue to focus on my effort and utilize my resources, these destinations continue to set a foundation for me and a be a driving force for what I do.