Throughout my entire life I have been involved in just about anything I could be. This included basketball, baseball, football (being a captain of all of three of these teams) , Student Council Representative , Class Council Vice President, link crew, as well as volunteering regularly. Since transitioning to college, I have attempted to maintain my involvement with volunteering and being active in the Leadership Institute.

My volunteering, thus far, has primarily included the Special Olympics. This has included volunteering for Project Unified as well as the Special Olympics in February. Project Unified was an unbelievable experience. Project Unified brought together several different schools, those intellectually disabled as well as those not, and discussed the importance of inclusion paired with the Spread the Word to End the Word Campaign. The Spread the Word to End the Word Campaign’s goal is to end the use of the “R-word” as an insult. Being able to facilitate Project Unify was an enlightening experience.

Additionally, I had the privilege of going to Traverse City and volunteering at the Special Olympics Winter Games. This was a remarkable experience, and was undoubtably one of the highlights of my freshman year. Furthermore, I have been involved in the Special Olympics RSO (Registered Student Organization). This has provided me with knowledge and opportunities regarding the Special Olympics. The Special Olympics RSO does a lot with unified sports including tournaments for unified flag football, basketball, and volleyball (unified sports are composed of athletes with and without intellectual disabilities).


My friends, Kendall and Justin, and I at the Special Olympics Winter Games.

Finally, the organization that I have been most involved with has been the Leadership Institute. After being awarded the Leader Advancement Scholarship, the Leadership Institute has provided me with limitless opportunities to grow as a leader and as a person. This includes Leadership Safari, Spark Leadership, Connections Conference, The Mentee-Mentor Retreat, leadership classes, as well as limitless other opportunities. Having the privilege of being a part of LAS, as well as the LI, has been a great experience and has given me a second family here at Central.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Central, in large part due to my involvements. My involvements have given me knowledge and opportunities to help me grow as well as limitless meaningful relationships. I look forward to expanding my involvement as my college career continues